My Journey and Why

As a young gal I dreamt of living on a farm, growing vegetables, raising animals. As a newlywed my husband and I together dreamt of a log cabin in the woods, having a huge garden that we preserved, raising livestock, spinning our own wool. We dreamt of being self sustaining and self-sufficient. Somewhere along the way life and reality met those dreams in a head-on collision. Here it is now many years later and some of those dreams have been revived as life, religion, politics all brought them out to live again!

It certainly wasn’t raining yet when Noah decided to obey God and become a ship-builder. His ark certainly wasn’t built overnight and his extended family and friends certainly weren’t completely convinced he wasn’t crazy. Then it began to rain…

Life seemed to be pretty nice about the time Pharoah had a few dreams that were more like confusing nightmares. Joseph understood although no one else did. They weren’t able to store enough food overnight either. Their goal wasn’t enough cans of tuna or rice and beans for 4 for a long weekend.

FEMA suggests 3 days worth of food and water would be a good idea. But is the government always the wisest voice or reason? Will they be able or willing to step in soon enough to save us? Those wise politicians still aren’t doing a great job for the folks in Long Island. A mayor and a governor couldn’t or wouldn’t make the decision to use school buses to help evacuate stranded Katrina victims until the buses were under water. Economists argue whether we are in a recession or depression. Others argue there is no way the global economy can fail. We have too many safeguards in place especially in the US. Others argue only our government can save us. Yet some sheriffs warn we should be prepared to protect ourselves in the face of the economic cutbacks we face. Central and South American countries are getting back services as well as some cities and counties and states within the US. Greece deals with riots over their economic collapse almost daily it seems. Rumors of famine and cannibalism seep out from North Korea. Our own government warns of rising food costs and shortages due to droughts and rising fuel costs to transport to market.

So amidst all the confusion logic warns me that I can’t count on government assistance or salvation. I probably can’t believe the media to deliver unbiased unvarnished truth any longer either. I’m not a tinfoil hat wearer or a conspiracy freak. I am not a bunker dwelling survivalist wither. I don’t want to own enough hardware to destroy zombie hoards. I do want to do all I can to help my family and friends survive whatever crisis comes along. That may include those zombie hoards 😉 or EMP attacks, a cataclysmic weather attack, economic challenges, or flu onslaught or pandemic. Who really knows what or why — but I pray I can be like the woman of Proverbs 31 and help my family face whatever it may be. Come along for the journey — we can learn together!

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