One of the Ugly Topics

Seems we all have been forced to consider that we are becoming a topic of conversation and all of it is not good. Were you thinking about saving a few food items and a little bit of water to be prepared but now are leery of being considered “one of those”? You have good reason to be concerned and I am too. It’s a shame we even have to think about defending ourselves about not being lumped in but here we are. Not all preppers and not all survivalists and not all homesteaders are the same. Used to be I would tell you that’s the wonderful part about being American — we could be proud of being our own person, a unique individual. I was proud we had the freedom to speak our mind, to have that singular opinion that maybe others didn’t share but we didn’t have to be afraid to be lumped in with true crazies or terrorists or criminals. Not so anymore so I guess we all need to realize that we need to speak up on this issue.

Not all preppers are preparing for WWIII in their backyard or getting ready for zombie hoards invading down Main Street USA any time in the near future. Not all of us believe alien rocket ships are landing on our roof either.  Not all of us want to build bunkers in our backyards or some private retreat away from civilization. We don’t want to all store enough food to last 100 years along with weapons to defend it. Yet the media would have everyone believe that all of us are dangerous individuals who want to create havoc or overthrow every and any form of government and to do away with all laws. Every news media goes out of their way to throw it out there now at every chance they get to equate every disgusting massacre or criminal attack that it had something to do with “survialists”. After all every one of “those people” have mental issues that the government has to enact laws to protect the citizens from. Anyone who owns any type of weapon for any legal reason whatsoever is a danger. We need laws to disarm them because after all it is no longer right for anyone to even consider being “bitter people clinging to their guns or bibles.” And heaven help those who have spiritual reasons to being responsible enough to store up any food for their family. Those religious nuts must all belong to some strange cult, right?  Proverbs tells us: In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has (Proverbs 21:20) How interesting is it that FEMA advocates having some emergency supplies? They also advocate storing safe drinking water. We get then mixed messages from the government who want us to be prepared but then suggest all preppers are dangerous folks who kidnap  or massacre children.

Unfortunately we must be willing enough to share our beliefs no matter what they may be. That means every time another news story hits or another political hot potato is out there or another attack on religion surfaces, we need to be willing to share a common sense answer, a defense of ourselves. Present yourself not as a nutcase or extremist but as someone normal doing a logical ordered thing. After all people buy home owners or renters insurance, car insurance, life insurance, flood insurance. Most people try to have a budget in order to pre-plan their money allocated for bills. It is not crazy to store up foods to feed your family in case of an emergency – you do not have to share what emergency you are concerned with. I am not telling you it is wrong to hunt or fish and have the proper equipment to do so. I am telling you it is not sane, not practical, not logical given current events to brag you are preparing for WWIII. That does not help yourself or anyone else. And I am suggesting also that not every prepper wants to prepare for WWIII. Some of us merely want to take care of our families, to be more self-sustaining in a world that has come to believe they are entitled to riot if the government does not continue to support them in the manner to which they have become accustomed to and believe they are entitled to.

I realize that some of you will then insist on discussing how we intend to protect what we have accumulated. I believe there is more than enough information available out there already for anyone who chooses to go that route but we as a group do not need to be advocating a behavior that instead plays into a current public mindset that all guns, all weapons, all preppers, all survivalists are crazy, dangerous people who our government needs to protect its citizens from. We know criminals will not be the compliant ones. We understand the need to defend and protect. We just need to be wise enough, circumspect enough to realize that not all of us should be lumped into certain categories that scare reasonable thinking people away from the topic, from wanting to be prepared to take care of themselves.

We aren’t supposed to be stressed or going into debt to hide ourselves away from society, to be afraid of every shadow, to run with every conspiracy theory. Being prepared means eliminating some of our stress. It does not mean adding to it by becoming part of a group that our government and media want done away with.

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