The New Food Pantry!

We have finally accomplished one of our bigger goals and I am super happy! I missed not having a large pantry but this house did not have one. Here in Florida we cannot really do long term storage of foods in the garage as we get such temperature fluctuations – mostly hot and hotter along with humid! We had a larger bedroom 12 by 22 ft. that we had subdivided into two bedrooms via adding a door for one, and a quick wall dividing the room into two rooms. We now found ourselves not needing the two bedrooms any longer so we rearranged room configurations this weekend. So this weekend we moved our wall back several feet giving a larger bedroom on one side and a beautiful room perfect for a walk-in pantry!

DSC_3582 - Copy                 DSC_3583 - Copy            DSC_3585 - Copy

Then came the choices – we made a few trips to local home stores and also researched a bit on the internet comparing prices and choices. Due to our own physical capabilities we chose not to build shelves out of wood. I also wanted a nicer cleaner appearance for inside the house in a room that will be seen by visitors much of the time even though we can close a door! We chose chrome style wire shelves – and we even did a bit of remodeling on those. We joined two smaller units via using thread-all to connect into a taller unit. All of the shelves were bolted to the wall studs to prevent tipping by accident – an important safety tip! We were able to finish all of this within two days! Electrical was in place already and we had to do no painting as we had used paneling in a light color for the wall. There is already a bookshelf unit to hold all my cookbooks and prepping notebooks I set up. That was left in place instead of taking it out of there.

285740_3952721435475_1467144334_n         421388_3952724075541_619026397_n     526135_3952718715407_1104317101_n

One nice feature is being able to organize all my canning supplies in one convenient place that is easily accessible! The photos obviously don’t show all our storage preps but it   gives you a good idea of how quickly and easily this can be accomplished. The shelves were approximately $285 for three larger units and the two smaller ones we put together. Any of these projects should be done within your budget and not create more stress! Small baskets are used to hold any small messier items such as extra canning lids and rings although they could also be used to hold small seasoning packets. One of mine contains all the smaller Food Saver attachments and bags. Eventually I am hoping to purchase some accessories such as can rotators. Fortunately we are not in an earthquake prone area but we are in a potential flood area so we wanted shelves that were a bit off the ground for the first shelf. We also chose to add an extra shelf to each unit to have more storage – because these are modular, I can go back and add additional shelves if I so choose to. It is important to set up your storage so that is organized enough that food is rotated with every purchase – use the oldest first so that you don’t end up with expired cans! We also grouped similar items together – for instance all baking goods in one section, beans and veggies in another. You want family members to easily find and use the food!

The peace of mind from this knowing we have a place to conveniently store our foods in an organized clean and safe manner gives me that happy happy feeling – a contentment of knowing I am in obedience with The Lord and taking care of family.

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