Prepper Books Worth Reading

There are so many great series of books out there worth reading, it seemed to me that most folks were already aware of most of them.  Yet when I get enthusiastic about certain books that I have reread for the umpteenth time, I often get asked why! I love to read – I read almost everything and anything within reason. I have been known to go into withdrawal when there isn’t a book laying around that I can quickly pick up and read. I love the feel of old leather book covers, the smell of the pages as I turn them. I enjoy looking at shelves and shelves of books lined up. For years I also bought several favorite magazines – a trait that is embedded in my DNA thanks to my father’s genes! He had subscriptions to Reader’s Digest books and Time-Life series and National Geographic as well as Reader’s Digest Magazines! We would fight to see who was going to read one first from cover to cover – we often had to have a truce – a negotiated agreement to leave the book in a common neutral place where either one of us could sit and read but not prevent the other a turn! I often think he would have loved being addicted to all of the information possibilities now on the Internet and electronic reading devices! I loved the availability and portability although certain favorite books have to be had in paper form too! So here I am now at a point of wanting all of you to read some great books that I have enjoyed that teach and encourage you on a prepping journey. For some it may be like reading science fiction or horror stories – they can have a bit of the fear factor. A few are a bit more strident in the “military” sense of seeing rebellions, wars, or general lawlessness being a reality to come. Yet I find that each series especially has something to teach each of us. Each of these books are eye openers to  what could be a new reality. What they depict may never happen but it is all possible and being prepared is never a bad thing. Again I am not suggesting anyone need to prepare for “Red Dawn” or “Revolution” or even “Walking Dead” but these are authors who have thought out what could happen and give you some vindication for being prepared for all sorts of possible disasters – some such as hurricanes, earthquakes, corona mass explosions, EMP, or worse. All of these are available more inexpensively on Nook and Kindle than in hardcover or paperback – I suggest the electronic versions and purchase later in hardcopy if you really like them! Remember Nook and Kindle can be read on your PC or phones in addition to readers. One caveat to reading ebooks – the auto spell check features are often an issue that authors need to then issue an updated version but don’t let that stop you from gleaning great information.

One of the first books I read because it was so well publicized was Survivors by James Wesley Rawles. He has also has several other books available that are educational on the subject of prepping and survival.

Next I was led to another well known book One Second After by David Crawford. This book starts out very low key and makes one really do a wake up by the end. The situation is a realistic one – and an true eye opener for anyone wondering what should they be concerned about. Set in NC, it featured normal people in real situational day to day reality.

From here I discovered Ron Foster and his great short series of e-books and then novelettes – The Preppers Road March Triology. He has also authored others that are as equally interesting and enjoyable reads. Again in this series I found the people to be realistically portrayed and lots of great prepping and survival tips and hints offered. I especially liked when some of the characters were shown to have flaws or to admit to not realizing how to be prepared for certain situations.

Not all of us are well to do enough to afford the fancy bomb shelters or thousands of dollars in 25 year foods and military surplus equipment. Many of us like to approach our prepping with some spiritual influence. It is here that I found I enjoyed the series Deep Winter by Thomas Sherry.  Although the main character is a business person who has more prep supplies than many of us could afford, he admits that he did it all on a budget and garage sales or auctions while foregoing big expensive toys such as new cars or boats. The series of natural disasters along with political fallout and war scenarios of the later books in the series all seem to be hard to fathom but Drummond’s lessons on preparing and what to be storing were great! The author writes a compelling series.

The Last Light (Restoration Series) by Terri Blackstock is a basic Christian based series – although not promoting any one denomination too strongly. The religious references are low key enough to not be off-putting to the main storyline of a power grid failure due to a natural pulsar event. In this series the folks involved were similar to folks here on the Spacecoast of Florida who lived in an upper middle class neighborhood that were not prepared in any imaginable manner for what took place. Again lots of good lessons learned here.

Another EMP book is 77 Days in September by Ray Gorham. This one deals with a fellow who was not prepared to walk home. It makes for an interesting read – just a good overall storyline.

There is also the Rural Ranger Series and The Foxfire Series available online. These are practical reads – Rural Rangers teaches a lot of lessons such as trapping, hunting, etc – but women will enjoy too. Foxfire is old timers (mostly Appalachia) telling how they survived a “hardscrabble” life. Good information and lots of hints for all of us.

This is only a beginning list of the books I have been reading and saving information from. I will offer more in more posts along with lots of how-to books and manuals – many offered free for limited time in Kindle or Nook. Hope you all enjoy – don’t let the books stress you – use the hints, tips, and lessons to be prepared!

2 thoughts on “Prepper Books Worth Reading

  1. There is no doubt in my mind that reading fictional novels on the possibilities of SHTF scenarios are a must read for every prepper ! It is a very good way to gain insight to the many possibilities .
    Currently I’m about half way thru a book by the name of Cannibal Reign by Thomas Koloniar. It is based upon an asteroid impacting the earth and the consequence for the folks afterward. Sure it is very depressing and sometimes gruesome yet at the same time very enlightening to human nature. Reading books such as these might well help keep one from becoming a victim of circumstance in such a scenario. I highly recommend this one.
    Just prepping food and equipment does not complete the picture. One must also prep the mind !

    • Spud — I wholeheartedly agree that one must prepare body, mind, and soul for the what-ifs of our future! I don’t want to simply “push” my brand of religion on anyone but I do believe that spiritual preparation as well as head knowledge and skills knowledge is the only way we will survive what ever comes at us! I hope and pray that my little blog here helps to encourage anyone still debating to research more on the subject of being prepared — if only for a hurricane or economic downturn in their fortunes if not for a “zombie” apocalypse or worse! You are right in that these books can be real eye openers and may help someone to understand what could happen!

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