Come along with me as a I begin to document changes that I undertake along my life’s journey. Some will hopefully be positive and of course, some will be those pesky failure sorts that I prefer to call a learning experience. I can’t promise that I will post on a regular schedule but there will be plenty to blog about along the way and I hope you will visit often, comment frequently — feel free to express your opinions and even dispense advice but please be respectful to each other and especially to me — after all… this is my journey good or bad. Some posts will mention politics or religion — as reasons or explanations of how or why I am traveling a particular path. Please don’t use those posts to tear me or others apart on religion or politics though!

In my blogroll you will find some sites that I enjoy visiting — that does not mean that I always agree with everything they say or promote, only that I enjoy reading what they have to offer! I believe in researching facts for myself, being open to old and new ideas, and having friends that I may not always agree with. I believe in being informed and educated and I want to help others be the same. So browse around, read, research, learn to think for yourself!

IMG-20110418-00048    So grab a cup or tea or coffee and pull up a chair, plump some pillows, and let’s chat a bit!

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